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City Hope Children

Nourish is the Children's and Nursery Ministries of

City Hope Church for children up to 6th grade.

 Our Children's Ministry serves kids in grades k-6.

Our Nursery Ministry serves children from 6 months - 4 yrs. old.


Nourish is where your kids can have fun and learn about God!

At City Hope Church your kids can experience encouraging ministry created just for them! Here’s what you need to know.

Ministry for your child/children is available during our 10:00 AM, Sunday service. Check-in is required, so please arrive early! Check-in opens at 9:30 AM. You may pre check-in your child/children 2 hours before the start of service by downloading our City Hope Church - Utica, Mobile App. Using our Mobile App for pre-check makes the check-in process even easier. After downloading our app, simply click the CONNECT tab, then MINISTRIES, then NOURISH. You may then register your child/children for Nourish, if they are not already registered. When you arrive to church on Sunday morning, just scan the bar code you are presented with for each child you are checking in and a ticket will be printed for your child. A team member will be available to help if you need any assistance!

Our top priority is ensuring that your kids have an amazing and safe time. Before check-in, please screen your family for the symptoms listed on our COVID-19 Response page. If anyone in your family has symptoms or had contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 5 days), please join us online by checking out our Nourish videos on YouTube.

Whether you join us in person or online, City Hope Church is a place where your child/children can have fun, grow, and discover just how much God loves them.

*Please note that our Nursery workers do not change diapers. If your child is in need of a diaper change during service, you will be notified by one of our team members. Thank you for understanding.*