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Joshua Burgess

Director of Children's Ministry
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Having spent years of his life growing up in Utica, NY, Joshua has developed a love for the people in this community. In his teen years, he was eager to engage with children and older adults, with an appreciation for the freedom of those younger and respect for the wisdom of those with life experience. Joshua would often be found working on the east side of Utica for elderly folks shoveling snow, cutting hedges and enjoying long talks with hot cocoa about the history of the area or on the playground as the biggest kid around. 


It was these kinds of experiences that planted a passion to serve the community in any capacity. Joshua has served in hospitals, college ministries, group homes, schools, geriatric counseling and mental health treatment. 

Soon after graduating college, marrying his wife Nicolette and returning to Utica, Joshua arrived at City Hope Church, excited to serve wherever needed. In 2019, Joshua began to lead the children's ministry, known now as Nourish. Over these years and into the future, his heart's desire is to collaborate with loving adults, to nurture the hearts of the young in Utica for their healing and growth, in an open, inviting and safe environment. 



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